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"Reversion" When new meets old. Love the performance, handling, luxury, feel and reliability of a modern S197 Mustang, but also love the fastback styling from the 60's? The new line of Reversion Mustangs will be the perfect fit to satisfy both your needs. These truly unique cars are hand crafted and meticulously designed to bring the design and styling of the 68 and 69 fastbacks with the comfort of a modern mustang.

Sheet metal panels that were designed for a 68 Mustang fastback are carefully sectioned, chopped, and modified to fit the dimensions of the S197 platform. Many parts are expertly crafted by hand, and the current body styles are built entirely using sheet metal. We can work with customers to design a specific body style that fits your needs. The best part of it all? The Reversion Mustang still retains 100% of the modern drive train, interior, glass, moldings, weather stripping, lighting, and safety. These cars perform, feel, and seal up just like they did off the dealer lot.


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